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Est. 1996

Issue 232

April 2016

Review : Amani Epsom, Surrey






It had been some time since we had visited this smart restaurant near the Epsom Downs in Surrey but as one of last year's Top 50 it was certainly due a re-visit.

We visited as a party of four on a Sunday evening when one would expect very few customers but a buzz of conversation when we entered showed there were quite a few of us out for a Sunday evening curry experience. The welcome was efficient and friendly and we were shown to our table to consider the well-balanced menu whilst sipping a very pleasant Viognier.

Everyone had different ideas about a start so we went for two different sharing tandoori platters and were treated to some wonderful spiced lamb chops, Haryali chicken, crunchy prawns, lamb bites and lemon chicken. The cooking was delicate and each mouthful was both satisfying and exciting.

We went for a variety of dishes for main course including a fiery lamb curry hailing from Portugal, a very tasty and well spiced green chicken, cubes of paneer, kebab style on a creamy sauce and tilapia in a Goan creamy, tangy sauce. None of us could offer a single criticism for once and the whole experience was top class.

Chef told us that the menu is about to be tweaked and added to and if the standard of food is to continue in this same vein then we will certainly be back.


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