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Est. 1996

Issue 232

April 2016

The Jewelled Kitchen A Stunning Collection of Lebanese, Moroccan and Persian Recipes
By Bethany Kehdy August 18, 2016­ Paperback­ £14.99




Author and chef Bethany Kehdy offers up the enchanting world of Middle Eastern and North African cooking in a stunning collection of 100+ delicious and evocative recipes A gem­filled recipe book from a new champion of Middle Eastern Food" ­­Yotam Ottolenghi "Bethany's distinctive modern take on Middle Eastern classics is an absolute joy!" ­­Greg Malouf Let the exotic smells of simmering spices transport you to the Middle East and North Africa, with Bethany Kehdy, a chef and entrepreneur renowned for her contemporary, yet authentic, Middle Eastern and North African recipes. Born in Texas and brought up in Lebanon, she spent countless hours learning to cook with her perfectionist teta (grandmother), her vivacious dad, and her spirited aunts. Her recipes are a harmonious balance of classic and contemporary, as she draws upon her childhood roots while adding personal twists to iconic recipes, using diverse influences and gorgeous key ingredients and spices, such as pomegranates, dried limes, pine nuts, saffron, and sumac. Passionate about food and her culture, this former Miss Lebanon showcases the sheer brilliance of the dishes of the Levant, while weaving in history and heritage to keep readers authentically informed. Try a fragrant Moroccan Fish Tagine with Preserved Lemons; fiery Lebanese Lamb Shanks with Butterbeans and Tomatoes; or delicately spiced Persian Chicken, Walnut, and Pomegranate Stew. You'll find yourself drawn into a whole new world and a whole new way of cooking. Bethany covers everything from the heartiest lamb dishes, to fresh and filling vegetarian meals, and spans mezze to desserts in between. Written from an insider's point of view, and having lived all over the world, she truly understands how to combine the very best of cultures and cuisines. Bethany introduces readers to the wonders of Middle Eastern food, and makes these marriages of flavours and influences accessible for everyone.


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