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Est. 1996

Issue 232

April 2016

Scandinavian Innovation Unlocks Art of Sous Vide Style Cooking



Nordic design, smart technology and a lifelong passion for food collide this month with the launch of an avant-garde culinary tool developed by amateur cook, Lars Theodor Kintel. Hailed as the world's smallest sous vide device, ILME represents a new era of epicurean magnificence for hobbyist chefs with fine dining ambitions.

Using low temperatures and long immersion times, sous vide sees food submerged in hot water to create a succulent, tender and flavoursome finish. Because heat can be controlled precisely, results can be predicted exactly. As the water bath is held at a consistent, low temperature, the sous vide method makes it impossible to overcook. While professional chefs use high end immersion circulators with price tags to match, Kintel wanted to create a simple, easy to use device that allows every chef to master the art of sous vide. Designed to slip seamlessly into even the smallest of contemporary kitchens, ILME offers chefs restaurant quality performance, at a fraction of the price, and size.

"Basically, the sous vide method removes the chef from the role of human thermostat. Instead, an immersion circulator perfectly regulates water temperature to create flawlessly cooked food, every time. As an ultra-compact, easy to use device, ILME takes this concept to the next level," says Kintel.

As well as an infatuation with the sous vide technique, ILME draws on Kintel's whimsical Nordic upbringing. Raised in a northern fjord, Kintel has an intrinsic appreciation for the rugged beauty of the Land of the Midnight Sun. From a young age he was versed in the innate Nordic appreciation for fresh food, simple cooking techniques and of course, a national adoration for seafood. As Kintel sees it, the simplicity of the sous vide method perfectly aligns with the Norwegian approach to food. The use of water allows natural flavours, textures and colours to shine, while the lack of oils keeps dishes healthy and nourishing.

"I started fishing and cooking for my family at the age of 10, and have nurtured a love for food, nature and regional flavours ever since. When I first discovered a video on sous vide cooking I remember being utterly fascinated, both by the technique itself, as well as its similarities with Norwegian attitudes towards food. It was this initial spark that inspired me to create ILME, the world's smallest sous vide cooking device that unlocks the incredible technique, for all," says Kintel.

While the finer details of the device are being kept tightly under wraps, Kintel has released a teaser video offering chefs a sneak peek at what's to come.

To find out more about ILME, the world's most compact sous vide device, go to: http://ilmefood.com/

Watch the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAnPRHE857Y


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