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Issue 150

August 2009

Curry Lounge Beats
Guinness Poppadom Tower World Record!



Nottingham Indian restaurant the Curry Lounge is "on poppa the world" after setting a new record.

Owner Arfan Razak (also known as Raz) and his team of chefs built a poppadom tower that measured 1.51m (4ft 11.4ins) - beating by 3cm the existing record which was set in Greater Manchester two years ago.

In accordance to guidelines from The Guinness Book of World Records, independent witnesses were on hand to verify that the attempt was carried out correctly - making sure that the total height of the 1,052 poppadoms were measured.

The witnesses, Tom Nicholson from accountants UHY Hacker Young and Tom Redgate from law firm Rothera Dowson, will submit written reports to Guinness, along with photographs and video footage.

Raz commented: "We're all really excited that we managed to get the poppadom tower to such an immense height. Special thanks to my chefs Jamshed Aktar, Imran Quershi and Sumil Bhatia.

"It was great fun, but there were some nerve-racking moments when we reached the current record holder's height, because we knew from our many practice runs that the weight of the poppadoms would begin to make some of the lower ones crack.

 "It just goes to show that you can smash any world record if you have an enthusiastic yet determined team with you, right through from start to finish."

A spokesman for the Guinness Book of Records said that it is hoped the record bid will be determined within six weeks.

Comment :
This record has no connection with the official record for The World Poppadom Tower Challenge record, both static and moving run as part of National Curry Week each year for charity. These rules state "The Tower must be on a plate or similar no bigger than 10" in diameter and be completely unsupported when completed for at least 10 seconds. The poppadoms must be cooked." The present record of 282 is held by Jali restaurant at the Best Western Carlton Hotel in Blackpool who also managed a moveable record of 230 in November 2008 beating the previous record held by Poppadom Express in Southampton.




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