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Issue 150

August 2009


- a must for your handbag or wallet



How many times do you see a diner in a restaurant desperately trying to make out the small print on a menu or hunting all over their person for their glasses? Fear not. There is now a small. handy item you can keep with you at all times to solve the problem.

The MenuMate™ is a plastic magnifying lens that enables your diners to read small text on your menu without their glasses. Invite your customers to take the MenuMate™ home with them... it fits nicely inside a wallet or handbag.

The MenuMate™ comes with a choice of overprint colour and some clear plastic pockets to hold the MenuMate™ inside restaurant menus. It has an area to overprint a logo, web address and telephone number.

£275 for 500 - £175 per 100 for black wallets www.magnimate.com



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