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August 2009

Seafood Festival For



Sesame Restaurant in Kingston continues its growth into the top flight with a Seafood Festival from 14 September to 18 October.

Seafood is an increasingly important element of a restaurant's menu but many are unsure of what to offer and the quality of the cooking can often be a problem. Sesame has gone at the problem head-on with a menu that will make all seafood fans drool and make many restaurants fell envious.

Starters include the thousand bones but extremely tasty hilsa, the national fish of Bangladesh at just £4.25. Other starters include succulent fried calamari and Salmon ke Tikka of beautifully flavoured tikka salmon.

Main courses include some of the great fish of the sub-continent. Sweet water fish Boal and Satkora are there and the Mahi Kalipa, tikkad in black pepper and onion sauce sound particularly exciting. If you can run to £12.95 try the Samundri Khazan with prawn, scallop, salmon, tilapia, crabmeat, squid, cooked on a tawa.

If you fancy the Thai menu try the Seafood Appetiser to start and either the Grilled Red Snapper, Bangkok fried Pamfruit or King Prawn with hot garlic sauce.

Every dish sounds exciting and something not to be missed and the pricing is particularly keen so one or more evenings at Sesame in Kingston upon Thames seems well worth your while.




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