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Est. 1996

Issue 150

August 2009

Singha joins the Molson Coors (UK) portfolio




In partnership with Boon Rawd Trading International (BRTI), local brewer, Molson Coors UK will be the exclusive distributor for Singha Beer replacing Entbe Ltd.

Singha is a 5% ABV lager that has been brewed in Thailand by Royal Permission since the first brewery was opened in Bangkok in 1933. First imported into the UK in the late 1970's, it now has 95% distribution in Thai restaurants and is growing in both the on and off trade through key listings in Tesco, Waitrose and Wagamama.

David Preston, Director of Marketing for Portfolio Brands and Innovation at Molson Coors, said:" Following our recent joint venture with Cobra Beer this is great news for both the local workforce and our brands. It is another great brand to add to our growing portfolio."

Theera Vongpatanasin. Managing Director of BRTI said: "Molson Coors' excellent reputation and experience in building brands makes them an ideal partner in the natural evolution of Singha Beer. Our brewery, set-up by royal permission, is still owned by the 3rd and 4th generations of the Bhirom-Bhakdi family which also makes our shared family values hugely important."

Singha will continue to be genuinely imported from Bangkok, Thailand and will join the Molson Coors portfolio, building a range of authentic beers that are great with food from around the world, including Sol and Cobra.

The five year trading agreement with BRTI commences on 27th July 2009

Molson Coors (UK) has over 2,000 employees in the UK and breweries in Burton on Trent, Alton and Tadcaster. It is the UK arm of Molson Coors, the Global Family Brewer and has a market share of over 20% of the UK beer market. The portfolio includes Carling, the UK's best selling lager for three decades, Coors Light, Grolsch, Worthington's, Caffrey's, Sol, Cobra and a range of speciality beers.



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