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Est. 1996

Issue 150

August 2009

India Suffer From
Low Spice Sales





The Spices Board of India said the country's spices exports in the first three months (April-June) of the current fiscal 2009-10 were down by 19% in volume terms to 1,22,515 tonnes. Exports during April-June 2008-09 stood at 1,50,920 tonnes.

Further, the board also said that the losses were mainly led by decline in export volumes of pepper, chilli and ginger.

Chilli registers decline of 31.64% in June 2009 due to poor demand from neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. According to data provided by the board, exports of chilli have dipped to 11,500 tonnes as against 16,825 tonnes in the corresponding month in 2008.

The board official said, "The decline in shipment is mainly due to lack of exports to Pakistan, which purchased 22,000 tonnes of chilli in the first quarter of 2008-09. Bangladesh has also declined considerably this year putting a dent on the export figures."

Further, experts said that higher prices compared to other producing countries, fall in production, competition from China, which had bumper crop this year, might be other reasons for the plunge in exports.



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