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Est. 1996

Issue 150

August 2009

British Wines Launched
In Hastings Restaurant



Taylor & Shroff, British wines made for curry held a successful launch at Jali Restaurant in Hastings. Jali is now the first curry house in the UK to be pouring these unique wines that have been made specifically to match hot and spicy foods.

Next in line is the famous Imli restaurant in London, the sister restaurant of Tamarind, both owned by Rajesh Suri. The London Launch at Imli is set for 8th October and they shall be pouring Taylor & Shroff wines from the middle of September. The famous Curry Lounge

restaurant in Nottingham, as endorsed by Gordon Ramsey, will launch Taylor & Shroff with their VIP Club members on 16th September and will be pouring Taylor & Shroff from the 2nd week September. In addition Taylor & Shroff are in discussions with the famous Indian Ocean restaurant near Manchester.





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