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Est. 1996

Issue 150

August 2009

Inspires New Eastern Adventures For Travellers



Food lovers with a taste for the east can embark on the journey of a lifetime with incredible holiday adventures in the east inspired by the pan-asian influences of the wagamama menu. The restaurant chain has teamed up with STA travel to create the portfolio of eastern food-inspired holidays, which are designed to tickle the taste buds and showcase the delights of pan-asian cuisine

There are six wagamama food-inspired, eastern holiday adventures to choose from taking in popular destinations such as Thailand, China, Malaysia and Vietnam. also on offer are trips to the spice land of india and the noodle fans' favourite, japan.

Vsitors to wagamama.com/goeast can view an interactive map exploring the different regions of Asia and their influence on the wagamama menu regions, together with click-through links to STA travel's wagamama food-inspired travel adventures.

To tie in with the launch of the these amazing adventures, wagamama and STA travel are also offering wagamama customers the chance to win a trip for two in Asia. customers will need to keep the receipt for their meal and visit wagamama.com/goeast to enter. The winner can choose between either 'China Express', a tour around the birthplace of Asian cookery, or 'roam southeast Asia' giving the opportunity to sample the spice-infused dishes of thailand, malaysia and singapore. both prize options can be viewed at wagamama.com/goeast


wagamama customers that miss out on the big prize can text 'STA go east' to 62233 to receive £25 off an asian holiday when £200 or more is spent at STA travel




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