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Est. 1996

Issue 216

December 2014


By Anjali Pathak

Published by Mitchell Beazley March 2015 Price: £20.00



Anjali Pathak's fi rst memories are of making chapatis with her grandmother who founded the family business, doing her homework on the kitchen table as her mother presented her with dish upon dish to test and her father's favourite phrase - 'can we get that into a jar?' Anjali grew up understanding that spices were magical ingredients and quickly learnt that just a few could transform a simple dish into something extraordinary.

Secrets From My Indian Family Kitchen takes its inspiration from the recipes that she learnt from her family in a beautiful collection of authentic Indian dishes and modern creations that are perfect for all cooks. Each recipe has a special memory on her journey of discovery into the wonderful fl avours and ingredients of Indian cooking. From her Sunday roast family favourite Slow-roast Spiced Lamb, to her dad's Smokin' Ribs, all the recipes hold a unique place in her heart.

Indian food can sometimes feel complicated, with seemingly endless ingredient lists, so Anjali has carefully picked a selection of dishes for all occasions that are easy to create and don't need a vast array of ingredients. There are recipes for those rushed days when cooking needs to be especially quick, along with some for sun-filled barbecue get-togethers, showstopper dinner party mains or for the health conscious in need of nutritious, feel-good meals. Scattered throughout are Anjali's 'My Secret' stamps giving you tips on how to make the most of your ingredients, ways to tweak the recipe for slightly different yet still scrumptious results and her favourite serving suggestions.

Anjali believes a well-stocked store cupboard is all that stands between you and glorious Indian cooking. With advice on her family's kitchen essentials and must-haves, along with dedicated sections on chillies, wine and shortcuts, you will have all the insider-knowledge to make your new favourite Indian restaurant your home.

The Author
Anjali Pathak is an exciting talent in the Indian food and spice arena with a fun-loving and warm character. She's been surrounded by food all her life as the next generation of a family that brought Indian cuisine to households in over 40 countries around the world.

Trained at Leiths School of Food and Wine, Anjali has been shortlisted for a number of awards including the Asian Women of Achievement Awards for her work with Indian food and fl avours. A member of the Guild of Food Writers, Anjali is also a popular blogger and an ambassador for the British Asian Trust.


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