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Est. 1996

Issue 217

February 2015

The Complete Indian Regional Cookbook by Mridula Baljekar



Published by Lorenz Books £14.99

This award winning book from Mridula Baljekar must be the best £15 you are every likely to spend on a cookery book. After some 27 books how she goes from best to even better I do not know but having won The Best Asian Cookbook in the World and Cookbook of the Year titles she is undoubtedly the best cook and writer in her sector, a fact attested to by The Daily Mail recently dubbing her the 'Queen of Curry'.

This tome is over 500 pages and is beautifully presented and illustrated. As well as essential advice on preparation Mridula takes us through the regions of India and highlights the differences of the sub-continents cuisine that we, unfortunately, lump together as Indian. There are so many wonderful recipes to make you drool that it is hard to pick favourites but I was taken with "Spiced chickpeas with cumin and coriander ; Rainbow Trout in lemon and mustard marinade ; Spiced Potato cakes ; Lamb in tamarind sauce ; Tamarind-flavoured lentil broth ; Tomatoes stuffed with paneer ; Fish kebabs ; Tilapia with fenugreek sauce ; Lamb in mango sauce ; Goan banana fritters to mention just a few.

When Mridula ran the excellent Spice Roots restaurant in Windsor you could always be sure of something new or very different from the run of the mill establishment. Her knowledge is vast, her passion for food amazing and her application very rare. Not surprisingly I recommend this book to foodlovers everywhere.


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