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Issue 193

January 2013

The Ambrette to host gourmet wine tasting events







The Ambrette Restaurant in Margate has announced the return of its popular gourmet wine tasting evenings, in conjunction with the Cranbrook-based wine and cheese merchants, Perfect Partners with a Six-course tasting menu with matched wines for £49.99.

Wine and food connoisseurs have three dates to chose from, all Sundays: 27th January, 12th May and Sunday 8th September 2013, beginning at 7pm.

“The quality of most wines worldwide has improved hugely, but they still demand rigorous selection - some of the traditional wine regions disappoint, but the new areas astound at great value,” said Richard Clarke, co owner of Perfect Partners, adding, “Our philosophy is to find quality wines, irrespective of label or country, that represent good examples of their grape variety and provenance at a fair price.”

The Ambrette is hoping to dispel the myth that you cannot drink wine with Indian food and that beer is the preferred accompaniment. Matching the right wine with the right flavours is simply a matter of chemistry.

“The reason why wines do not pair well with a curry from your local take-away is because most of these curries are highly flavoured with cooked onion and garlic containing sulphur compounds such as allicin, diallyl disulphide and diallyl trisulphide,” explained chef Biswal, adding, “These clash harshly with the taste molecules present in most wines.”

Dev Biswal will feature on BBC Radio 4’s Food Programme on Sunday 3rd February. The programme, which will be repeated on Monday 4th at 3.30pm February and also available on BBC iPlayer), reporting on how many senior citizens in Thanet are eschewing traditional Sunday roasts, in favour of fine Indian dining, taking advantage of The Ambrette’s Senior Privilege Card, entitling them to 2-for-1 lunchtime dining.

Dev will also be seen giving money saving tips on two series of Channel 4 TV’s ‘Supercrimpers Challenge’ being broadcast in February and March.

In one of the programmes Dev shows a pensioner how to prepare a gourmet 3- course meal for six people for less than £20. The starter is a nutritious nettle soup, foraged from her garden.


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