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April 2009




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GUINNESS® By Paul Hartley and Jane Birch Celebrating 250 remarkable years Published by Hamlyn | 7th September 2009 | £9.99 |Hardback

Guinness® adorers are in for a treat this autumn with the launch of an exciting new book solely dedicated to the world's favourite beer brand. Published to coincide with its 250th Anniversary, Guinness® tells the fascinating story of this iconic brand - the people, the places, the much loved advertising and of course the science behind that perfect pint! Added to this are also some scrumptious Guinness-inspired recipes making this stunning tribute book a must have for all true fans of the famous black stuff.

From the beginning in 1759 when Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on a small Dublin brewery, to the present when over 10 million glasses of Guinness beer are drunk every day, Guinness® explores the compelling history of the beer, through a series of evocative photographs of the people and places that are such a part of the rich heritage of the brand. Here you can discover how a harp became synonymous with the brand and what happened when Guinness launched 150,000 bottles into the sea as a publicity exercise. Remembered too are some classic advertisements, with some special moments from early advertising work beautifully relived, including the famous Toucan bird. Plus discover what gives Guinness beer that distinctive colour and flavour and precisely how to pour the perfect pint. Added to this are also 18 delicious recipes, from a steak and Guinness burger to Honeycomb and Guinness ice cream that make the most of the unique taste of one of the world's best loved beers.

Let's raise a glass to 250 remarkable years.

Paul Hartley - who created the delicious recipes in this book - grew up in a family passionate about food and he has spent the last 25 years involved in every aspect of celebrating the very best in food. A regular presenter on radio, Paul is also the author of a number of bestselling cookbooks on such famous food brands as Marmite, Heinz Tomato Ketchup and HP Sauce and he is a partner in Hartley's Kitchen and Cookery School.

Jane Birch has worked in publishing for many years and, as a writer and editor, has contributed to a number of publications.

The Carer's Cookbook by Carolyn Peacock published by Carolyn Peacock

This very unusual and useful book by Carolyn Peacock came about in collaboration with Angela Hamlin of Draycott Nursing. The aim of the book is to give ideas and inspire confidence.

The 140 page plus ring bound book starts with a 28 day section offering 3 recipes a day ranging from Spanish potato omelette to Crusty rolls with egg or smoked salmon filling. The additional meals section contains more adventurous but clearly presented meals such as Beef Stroganoff and Kedgeree

The book does take a little time for you to find your way around but all the advice is there including salads, desserts and more.

more info at: http://www.draycottnursing.co.uk/carers_cook_book.htm

Das Sreedharan's Indian - Ursula Ferrigno's Italian - Mark Hix's British - Sivano Franco's Family - Salads published by Quadrille 7th August £4.99 hardback


These books in the Easy Everyday series combine good photography with easy to follow recipes. The Indian book offers 192 pages of wonderful and enticing recipes covering the whole Indian scene from South Indian to Punjabi and yes, there is a Chicken Tikka Masala recipe. The Italian book has it all there from pasta to pizza to polenta. Wonderful dishes, well presented ; surely enough to satisafy the most demanding home cook(and a few professional ones I know). Excellent value.


Week In Week Out - 52 Seasonal Stories by Simon Hopkinson published by Quadrille £14.99


This is a wonderful tome and one for any real collection of cookbooks. Described as 'Cookbook of the Year' by Evening Standard it brimgs together 52 stories about cooking and their associated recipes through the year. Simon has written numerous very successful books but this is really is finest yet ranging from simple Sirloin Steak in green peppercorn sauce to Guinea Fowl in red wine. Great pictures, good reading and mouth watering dishes.



From Pasta to Pancakes - The Ultimate Student Cookbook by Tiffany Goodall published by Quadrille £9.99


I am a great fan of this book - not only of the simple dishes chosen but also of the way the material is presented to its target audience. To often nowadays, students move to higher education without having any real experience of basic cooking and this book takes the readers from eggs to noodles and Welsh Rarebit to Curry in such a simple manner that anyone could follow it. Tremendous photography and a great first cookbook.




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