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Est. 1996

Issue 233

May 2016

Review - Kiplings Sowerby Bridge





A recent visit to the West Yorkshire area gave us the opportunity to visit the Halifax branch of Kipling’s in the historic market town of Sowerby Bridge. Conveniently situated on Town Hall Street, this stylish but welcoming restaurant offers all those familiar, favourite dishes that this popular restaurant group has built its reputation upon. However, moving with the times, there are some new additions that are bound to appeal to the growing numbers of young professionals moving into the stylishly converted mill apartments in the Calderdale area.

My companion started with the Chicken Chaat, a layered combination of tamarind, yoghurt, chicken and lightly cooked vegetables which had the taste buds jumping from the first mouthful. However, instead of being served on top of a fried puri, as is the case in most restaurants, Kipling’s chef has turned the bread into a texture feature, with the crisply-fried bread sprinkled, crouton style, on top of the dish to add an interesting crunch to the dish. I opted for the lamb chops: tender and well spiced and they arrived, just as promised, on a griddle of sizzling and aromatically spiced onions.

For the main course, my companion opted for a dish that was created for a Kipling’s regular, Lucy – a spicy chicken dish with fresh ginger shreds, topped with Cheddar cheese that, despite my having ordered my own lamb dish, I raided enthusiastically throughout the meal. The meal was completed with Chana Rice and Keema Paratha, assuringly buttery enough to have added another couple of inches to the hips and washed down with a beautifully chilled Pinot Grigio.

Raf and the team have been winning awards and friends at Greengates for over 17 years now and with this newer restaurant, nestling in the heart of historic Calderdale, they look set to gain many more.


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