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Est. 1996

Issue 225

September 2015

Review - Brighton for Curry
by Sonya Giles






Last weekend, on my most recent visit to lovely Brighton, we went to try the legendary Planet India which is a vegetarian restaurant in the heart of the city.

You definitely can't miss the place, the outside with it being bright pink!

We had booked ahead as it's a really popular restaurant and it was a Saturday night too.

We were given a choice of where to sit and given the menu.

The first thing I noticed was the decoration in here. Photos decorate the walls and fabric flows from the ceiling. It all looked so authentic and made the atmosphere really homely. The manager even walks around bare foot!

The menu is really well set out. You can order half portions of the mains which I went for as I had never tried anything from here before and wanted to make the most of it!

The beer selection is also really good. I went for a "Good Times", and it was indeed very good!

For starters we ordered Dhai Bhel Puri. It was absolutely amazing! It's a great example of Indian street food. It is a really refreshing dish actually as it is very salad-like. It had a great mix of sweet sour and spicy all in one go! I could easily have eaten this all day.

For mains I went for half a portion of Sweetcorn and Patra Curry and half a portion of Spinach and Paneer Curry. We also shared a cumin rice and got a couple of chappaties.

My friend went for a Peas and Paneer Curry.

The food all came out pretty fast and I had to refrain (slightly!) from wolfing the whole thing down at once. Everything was perfect. And I'm a real stickler for places getting things just right. Each dish was so full of flavour, it was like a party in my mouth!

The sweetcorn and patra really complimented the spinach and paneer. I think the spice level in the patra dish was spot on. The vine leaves really gave the dish a distinguished taste and then the paneer from the other just finished it off perfectly.

I tried some of the peas and paneer dish too and it had a great hint of coconut that just made it burst with flavour.

The chappaties were gorgeous and helped to soak up the remaining sauces. Everything from the fabric draped ceilings to the barefooted staff gave this place the perfect glow.

It filled up very fast whilst we were eating and the buzz coming from each table just showed how popular Planet India is.

If there weren't so many other places to try in Brighton I would happily go here again and again! Even if you don't usually eat vegetarian food, give this place a go! You will not leave disappointed!

The bill was really reasonable considering how much we ordered (or more so, me!)

Thanks for a brilliant time, Planet India!

Rating: 5/5


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